So it’s been a tough few months for me and recently things got way too much so I decided I’d go for a break to Manchester and have some time out of everything.

I got the train on Friday and arrived at 4:30pm. The train journey was quite good but very busy! I met my uncle at Manchester Piccadilly station and we went for drinks, met his girlfriend and had THE BEST burger and cocktails ever at Almost Famous.

On Saturday we walked around Manchester to explore and we walked to the Northern Quarter which is so cool but so weirdly unique. There was a cat cafe where people genuinely pay to stroke cats whilst they drink coffee and there’s just cats roaming freely around a coffee shop. Weird I know… No I didn’t go in it. We then looked around the city centre and around the Arndale centre which is a huge shopping centre with every shop you can imagine. 

On Saturday night we got ready and went down to Salford Quays and had a drink near the BBC and ITV buildings and then we went into the city centre for a few drinks.

It was my second time in Manchester and I absolutely LOVE it. It’s got so much atmosphere and lots going on all of the time, it’s a friendly place and there is so much to do. Apparently it always rains in Manchester but the weather was really good all weekend so it was lovely and it was great to see my uncle and his girlfriend again. It’s such an incredible city. I’ll definitely be visiting again soon.


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