April Summary!

Okay, so seeing as this is the first one; I’ve decided that at the end of each month I’ll update you on what has been happening during that month because I don’t have the time to blog about everything!

Obviously in April, I started my blog and so far it’s going great. I really enjoy blogging and it gives me something to do with my spare time. In the past month my blog has reached 1,831 views which is amazing, as I thought it would start slower than it has. I’m really pleased with that.

To start the month off, I took a day-trip back to Lincolnshire on the 8th, to visit my uncles grave and put some flowers down. I then went for lunch to meet my little cousin who I haven’t see in about 4 years. It was great to see her but it was SO strange going back, I haven’t visited in 3 years and in that time a lot has changed. It was sad in a way, the village I lived in seems to be going very down-hill with many empty shops and not many people around for a sunny Saturday afternoon. If I’m totally honest, the trip made me grateful that I moved away when I did.

Throughout the month I have started to look for a new house or flat of my own to move in to which is exciting!

I went to 02:31 at Rainbow in Birmingham (it’s a rave) with the girls. We had a really good night apart from the taxi driver trying to rip us off but hey ho, he got us home! It was a fun night and as ever, pre-drinks got a bit to messy didn’t they Lexi!! (She’ll hate me). I wore a lace up, khaki oversize t-shirt with fishnet tights from Missguided and black Vans (pictured below).



Bank Holiday weekend was fun! I had a nice chilled weekend and then went out again with the girls to Bewdley and Kidderminster on the Sunday. As ever, Bewdley was absolutely rammed but I saw lots of familiar faces so it was great to catch up with old friends. I wore a gorgeous burgundy dress from Parisian with a Missguided belt and heels. Again, see pictures below.


I’ve spent a lot of time over the month focusing on my career in marketing, looking at various marketing books and researching marketing in more depth in my spare time which is helping me to develop my skills further. I’ll be doing a sales book review soon!

Overall, April has been an okay month but I’ve also had a lot going on which was unexpected and unfortunate, so that’s made it a very difficult month but onwards and upwards! Hopefully May is a better month. I’m visiting Manchester this weekend so no doubt I’ll blog about that weekend soon.




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