‘School was the best days of my life’ – NO.

Is school really the best days of your life? With the friendship fall outs, the fuck boy breakups, the suicidal ‘It’s the worst thing to ever happen to me’ thoughts, the teachers that pick on you, the mountains of homework, the stress from your family to be getting A*’s, the nasty older kids and the detentions (obviously I didn’t get any Mom!!). Is it REALLY the best days of your life? NO, it’s hell for any teenager.

I haven’t really spoken about it on this blog as of yet but I didn’t grow up in Worcestershire, I grew up in Sleaford, Lincolnshire for the first 14 years of my life. Life in Lincolnshire was ok – but only ok. One of the main problems I had was fitting in. Obviously at 12,13,14 years old, you think that a fall out with a friend is OH MY GOD THE WORST THING EVER!! Between the ages of 10 and 18 I’ve seen so many friends come and go, of course Mom tried to tell me this whenever I had ‘THE WORST’ fall out with one of my friends but as a teenager you never listen and you think that you know it all.

When I was growing up in Lincolnshire, I never felt like I fitted in with the girls at school, I felt like the outcast and like no matter how hard I tried – I just wasn’t cool enough. It was only as I was getting closer to moving away to Worcestershire that I felt like I was starting to fit in more, which is quite annoying! I always felt like no matter how much work I was doing, it wasn’t enough to get good grades.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have some hilarious school memories, but the pressures that were on me were just overwhelming and I always felt like I was alone as if everything I did turned to crap. Nothing was and never is easy.

I was scared of moving away at the age of 14, especially to start a new school because I knew that everyone would already have their friendship groups and I wasn’t sure how I was going to settle in. Moving to a brand new place and not knowing anyone was so scary and possibly one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. Believe it or not, the teenagers in Lincolnshire and the teenagers in Worcestershire were completely different. They had different lingo, different banter, different general music taste – it was a lot to get use to.

Within the first few months of moving here I soon started to find some friends and I was going to the Under 18’s Home parties and going to house parties. In my two last years of high school my friendship groups changed a lot due to petty fall outs over boys or new people coming into groups etc. In school I never even realized how much friendship groups would change and split up.

As it happens, in my close friendship group there are 8 of us girls and 6 of us went to school together but didn’t really speak to one another and now we’re incredibly close. I have a really great group of friends and although we have the occasional fall out or dIMG_4293isagreement, we get along really well and do a lot together so I feel really lucky to have our group. I feel blessed to have really supportive, fun friends !! (You can see pictures of us on the gallery page)
People say that school was the best years of their lives but I couldn’t disagree more, I hated school and had so many struggles throughout. I have amazing friends now and I enjoy getting up everyday to come to my job, things do definitely get better as you grow up and life teaches so many lessons that you never thought it would.

If you ever feel like a friendship fall out or a breakup is the end of the world then I can promise that things do get so much better and in the end happiness only comes when you rely only on yourself for it… but school is definitely NOT the best days of your life – it gets so much better sister.


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