My Job / Apprenticeship route

A lot of younger people struggle to decide what they want to do when they leave school. Personally, I really struggled and it was something I needed more advice on so I thought I’d share my school leavers story and where I am now. 

Leaving school

Prom 2015
Prom 2015

I left school in 2015, but had no careers advice meetings or useful advice and literally had no idea which direction I wanted to go in. Thoughts of Uni were on and off, I was always unsure about what I would study if I did go to Uni and if I’d even enjoy it. I threw so many ideas out there… Law, Criminology, English Language, English Literature – I literally had no idea. I decided to carry on and join the Sixth Form at my school because at this point I didn’t know what career I wanted to go into. It’s a really hard decision at such a young age.

I HATED my first year of Sixth Form. I was so unhappy there and always felt alone. I studied Health and Social Care, Psychology & English Lit/Lang. The only lessons I enjoyed were English Language and I found I really enjoyed writing and studying different writing styles and different types of content. I considered going into article writing for a magazine or a newspaper, but again I wasn’t sure. For the first year of sixth form I felt so lost and confused about what to do with my life and where I was going to go from there.

Choosing my apprenticeship 

One day I was looking at apprenticeships online when I came across marketing and did a little bit more research as it seemed interesting. The areas in marketing seemed to fit me and my interests really well so I looked for apprenticeships in the marketing sector. I found a lot of apprenticeships that seemed unprofessional or the company wasn’t too appealing so I was quite careful about what I applied for.

The only apprenticeship I applied for was at Minster as Marketing Apprentice and the job role suited me so well. I went for an interview with the apprenticeship provider TDM and then got invited for an interview with the employer. I had never wanted something so badly before and the interview at Minster went great, I got a call back within two hours offering me the job! I was absolutely over the moon but so nervous as it was my first professional job in an office so it would be a lot to get use to coming straight from a school environment.

Newspaper story
Newspaper story

My job role

Marketing is so varied which is why I think I enjoy it. One day I could be updating the website and creating new content and blogs to upload to it, the next day I could be putting an article together for a business magazine. I also attend business exhibitions and put the stand together with the Marketing Manager, as well as visiting other stands and meeting new people from other businesses. I do a lot of work on social media platforms for the company and analyse how well we are doing. I plan and put together campaigns like email marketing and telemarketing. I also help to put together the marketing strategies.

Working for Minster

I started working at Minster in June 2016 and haven’t looked back since. Throughout my apprenticeship Minster have really supported me and helped me develop and I feel quite lucky for this as I got given this opportunity by a really great company who have faith in me and want me to succeed.


Work Portfolio Shot


The opportunities I have with Minster are endless. I did an online course and I’m now Google certified in Online Marketing Fundamentals which is great to have and has taught me a lot about Google AdWords (advertising).

In November 2016 I got invited to The Worcestershire Apprenticeship Awards as Minster was finalists for an award and it was such a great night, I feel blessed to have been involved.

Being 15/16 and having to make the decision on what you want to do with your life is so difficult but the advice I would give is to aim high and not to settle for the easiest option. Hard work definitely pays off in the long-term. I would be happy to offer any advice or answer any questions.


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